dancing on my own // carousel [robyn cover]

More from LA based Carousel is available via their SoundCloud. Make sure to also check out and follow their tumblr.

This song and I have some issues. Namely, it pops into my head on a regular basis and refuses to leave.

Title: Shock To Your System Artist: Tegan and Sara 7,689 plays


shock to your system // tegan and sara

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So I bought my ticket to go see Bloc Party. I am excited.


  • Tegan & Sara at The Neptune—9/24
  • The Head and the Heart at The Paramount—9/15
  • The xx at The Paramount—10/6
  • Stars at Showbox at the Market—11/8

Why does it cost $46 to go see The xx? I like them a lot, but that is at least one and half trips to Trader Joe’s.


"Far Gone" by Portage

This song (and Portage in general) has been playing quite a bit lately.

I miss people and stuff.



I just bought myself a ticket to go see Wye Oak and Dirty Projectors.

Happy (slightly) early birthday to me.


"So It Goes" by Portage

I have been listening to this album quite a bit lately. It makes for good walking to campus music.


To all my Tumblrtines, I love you guys. Just remember that.

"I Want to Know Your Plans" by Say Anything


"Half Life" by Sneaker Pimps

Mmm, different music.


Mmm, this song just reminds me of the beach drives I took last summer.

Also: is the video showcasing the song or how damn handsome Matt Berninger (always) looks?


"Here’s Looking at You, Kid" by The Gaslight Anthem

Because today is one of those days.



What I have looked up on Spotify today:

  • Frédéric Chopin
  • Fleet Foxes
  • Philip Glass
  • The Antlers

I feel like this is a good mix.



I just played my violin for the first time in at least half of a year.

My fingers are burning and it feels awesome.

I am sorry, Andrew Bird. I did not realize that you were not only incredibly talented, but also very attractive.

I am sorry, Andrew Bird. I did not realize that you were not only incredibly talented, but also very attractive.


(a sort of) valentine’s day playlist.

01: “Old Haunts” by The Gaslight Anthem
02: “She’s Got You High” by Mumm-Ra
03: “Alive With the Glory of Love” by Say Anything
04: “Chinese” by Lily Allen
05: “Islands” by The xx
06: “Here’s Looking At You, Kid” by The Gaslight Anthem
07: “Dreaming With a Broken Heart” by John Mayer
08: “I Woke Up Near the Sea” by Lydia
09: “Ruthless” by Something Corporate
10: “Ashes and Wine” by A Fine Frenzy
11: “Soon We’ll Be Found” by Sia
12: “House of Cards” by Radiohead
13: “Rust” by Telekinesis!
14: “Edge of Desire” by John Mayer
15: “Such Great Heights” by Iron & Wine
16: “Even Now (acoustic)” by Dashboard Confessional
17: “I’ll Catch You” by the Get Up Kids
18: “Nineteen” by Tegan and Sara
19: “Fake Empire” by The National
20: “Your Protector” by Fleet Foxes
21: “Winter Winds” by Mumford & Sons
22: “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Bublé

For once in my life, I have someone to spend the holiday with.

While this is fantastic, I am much more familiar with the other side. The side of shuffling past the couples on the street and eating Valentine’s chocolates at home by yourself, hoping that your friends will want to do something that night.

No, this isn’t a list of sugared up love songs. These are some songs about love—the optimism, the bitterness, the smiles, awkward hugs, the determination to makes things work out, the laughter, the heartbreak, the longing, all of it.

So this is for you, my Valentines, whether you are celebrating it by yourself or with someone you care about. Keep your chins up, kids.



working for the weekend.

I am not happy that I am already feeling this way.

On a lighter note, I am going to a show this week with some of the floor family. It feels much needed at this point. Narg.

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